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About Me-Our Story

Boss Babes & Brunch is a groundbreaking networking event experience designed exclusively for female-identifying individuals, founded with passion and purpose by the visionary entrepreneur, Kayelani Vasquez in 2022. This unique platform redefines traditional networking by infusing it with inspiration, empowerment, and a strong sense of community.

Boss Babes & Brunch is not your ordinary networking event—it's a transformative experience that goes beyond exchanging business cards. At its core, this movement is built upon three pillars:


Empowerment: Boss Babes & Brunch is all about empowering women to embrace their strengths, dreams, and aspirations. Through engaging conversations, motivational talks, and interactive sessions, participants are encouraged to step into their authentic selves and unleash their potential.

Networking with Purpose: Networking takes on a whole new meaning with Boss Babes & Brunch. This platform creates an environment where women can connect on a deeper level, fostering genuine relationships that extend beyond the event itself. It's about building a community of like-minded individuals who uplift and support one another.


Celebration of Identity: Boss Babes & Brunch celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of every female-identifying individual. It's a safe space where attendees can embrace their identities, share their stories, and draw inspiration from the journeys of others.

The visionary force behind Boss Babes & Brunch, Kayelani Vasquez, is a trailblazer dedicated to elevating women in all aspects of life. Drawing from her own experiences as an entrepreneur and community builder, Kayelani recognized the need for a networking platform that resonates with the aspirations of female-identifying individuals.

Her vision for Boss Babes & Brunch is rooted in empowerment, authenticity, and collaboration. Kayelani's leadership and unwavering commitment have transformed this platform into a powerful catalyst for change and growth.

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